Dr Ryddle's memories

Enter the mind of Dr. Ryddle and find your way out with answers.

Dr. Ryddle’s Memories is an escape room game where you are pitted against perplexing challenges and puzzles inside the mind of one of the greatest 21st century scientists. As you enter the Mind Space, you will walk through the memories of Dr. Ryddle in the deepest quarters of his mind to discover scientific breakthroughs that the doctor never told the world. But that’s not all. The time is ticking and you only have one hour to recover the secrets and the key to escaping Dr. Ryddle’s mind!

Players Required
60 minutes
Recommended age
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Game Description

Dr Ryddle was a 21st century scientist and genius who never wrote down his scientific achievements, but preserved it all in his mind. At the age of 90, he announced his discovery – a way to reverse the passage of time. One year later, he suddenly disappeared. A hundred years later, he was found lying in a hibernation capsule. In 2125, scientists successfully tested an invention called the ‘Mind Space’, which allows the team to connect to the hibernating scientist’s subconscious. A virtual space created by Mind Space allows the group of scientists to enter Dr Ryddle’s mind like a room. Every object, detail and event corresponds to the scientist’s memory. Paths with mysterious relationships of memories take the research team to the secret which is hidden deep in Dr. Ryddle’s mind. The expedition is risky because the doctor’s unconscious mind gate closes in a small duration after the team’s entrance. The research team aims to find the (hundred-year-old) hidden invention in the hall of Dr. Ryddle’s mind and also the key to get out. Mind Space can only connect to the scientist’s mind for about one hour. This narrow period is all the research team has to find the scientist’s secret invention and get out of Dr. Ryddle’s maze of memories.