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Enter the Wormhole and face 22 Challenges in One Hour to Find the Elixir of Immortality and Return to Tell the Tale! The Guardians of the Elixir is a truly immersive escape room game that will test your decision making skills under impervious pressure. Make your way to the Milky Way Galaxy via a wormhole that you have been able to locate by decoding a message from outer space. As you reach there, you find yourself surrounded by 22 doors guarded by 22 stars, the Guardians. If humanity is ready for the Elixir of Immortality, you will be able to open all 22 doors before time runs out.You have only one hour, and 22 questions to answer in order to escape!
This game has a built-in clue system, should you need it.

Players Required
60 minutes
(No limit)
Recommended age
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Game Description

You managed to decipher a coded message from outer space. The message listed the names of the 22 brightest stars in our Galaxy. You have also managed to note down specific geographical coordinates. The coordinates point to a location on Earth, which is 50°48’13.3″N 1°05’17.0″W. The journey starts from there! The location is the entrance of a wormhole that can take you directly to Sagittarius A, the exact centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. You enter the specified location, and as the wormhole opens, you find yourself 26,000 light years away, surrounded by the 22 brightest stars. You look around, and see 22 doors. Each star guards a door. The 22 stars are the 22 Guardians. You have travelled to a sacred place where a package awaits you. If mankind is prepared to receive the gift, the elixir of immortality, you will be able to open each door, one after the other, by answering the questions and completing the tasks the Guardians have left for you to solve. As you complete each task, the Guardians guide you to the next star and the next door opens. It takes an enormous amount of energy to keep the wormhole open. In earthly time, you have approximately 1 hour to accomplish your mission before the wormhole closes. The elixir is within your reach! All you have to do is open all the doors, one after the other, facing the 22 challenges from The Guardians of the Elixir.