mission 60

this is mission hq.

You are on the hunt for top secret information and have just 60 minutes to find it before the enemy’s demolition team moves in. Work with your fellow agents to find the data disc, but be careful – one careless move and all the information will be wiped. Hurry – the lives of our agents depend on you.

Note - This game is designed for 2-3 players maximum, the physical room is perhaps the smallest 60 minute escape room in the country.

Players Required
60 minutes
Recommended age
Escape rate
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Game Description

As part of a crucial mission to safeguard national security, you find yourself facing a daunting task: retrieve a vital data disc before the enemy's demolition team arrives. With only 60 minutes before destruction rains down upon the facility, every second counts in this race against time.

Your briefing is clear and concise: the data disc, containing mission-critical information, is carefully concealed within a series of reinforced storage boxes. However, there's a catch - the disc is situated beneath an unstable stand rigged with magnets. One wrong move, and the data will be irreversibly wiped clean, spelling disaster for our agents and the mission at large.

Exercise caution as you navigate through the labyrinth of storage boxes, ensuring each touch is precise and deliberate to avoid triggering the failsafe mechanism. With no room for error and the fate of our operatives hanging in the balance, your team must work together seamlessly to overcome this perilous obstacle.

Remember, time is your greatest enemy in "Mission 60." With the enemy's demolition team on the horizon and the countdown ticking away, failure is not an option. Are you prepared to embark on this high-stakes mission and secure the data disc before it's too late? The lives of our agents depend on your swift and decisive action - good luck, and may success be yours in "Mission 60."