mission 60

this is mission hq.

You are on the hunt for top secret information and have just 60 minutes to find it before the enemy’s demolition team moves in. Work with your fellow agents to find the data disc, but be careful – one careless move and all the information will be wiped. Hurry – the lives of our agents depend on you.

Note - This game is designed for 2-3 players maximum, the physical room is perhaps the smallest 60 minute escape room in the country.

Players Required
60 minutes
Recommended age
Escape rate
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Game Description

Our squad had to make an emergency escape because the enemy’s demolition team is incoming. There are only 60 minutes before they destroy this place – so you will need to work quickly. This is a matter of national security, so listen carefully. The lives of all our agents depend on you. Before my exit, I saved all mission-critical data on a floppy disc. In front of you, there are several reinforced storage boxes. Inside the last box, there are magnets on an unstable stand. The disc you need is under the stand. There is a failsafe. If the disc comes into direct contact with a magnet, all the data on it will be wiped and the mission will be a failure. Your mission is to retrieve the disc. Make sure you touch the boxes very carefully, without moving them or tilting them. Remember, you only have 60 minutes to retrieve the disc before the enemy gets here. You have one chance. Don’t waste it. Good luck, Squad.