The Chamber of the deep

Find the treasure in the captains cabin and bring it to surface before the pirates arrive!

This is an escape room game: you and your team mates are supposed to save treasure from the Captain’s Cabin of a shipwrecked flagship. Since you have found a message-bearing bottle from Captain Enigma, you know how to bring the bounty to the surface. However, pirates have found another message-bearing bottle. They are already coming for the treasure.

Players Required
60 minutes
Recommended age
Escape rate
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Game Description

Enigma is the captain of a flagship, Victoria Charlotte. He has carried treasure on the ship – more valuable than the Crown Jewels. However, Victoria Charlotte has sunk in a storm. Before the flagship sank, Enigma managed to throw message-bearing bottles in the sea. He has described the way how you can bring the treasure to the surface. Then he has locked the treasure into the Captain’s Cabin, making sure that all his traps are working. Whoever is going to find the treasure, they must solve the puzzles and clues that the Captain has set up to protect the treasure. He got into a tiny lifeboat, not knowing if he was going to survive the ordeal. One of your friends has found a bottle with a message. You and your friends form a team to save the treasure. However, deep sea pirates are after the treasure. They think the treasure belongs to a long-forgotten witch cult that was thriving near the Solent area, close to Portsmouth. The leader of the pirates is a fanatic believer of the cult, he thinks once he has the treasure, he will be unthinkably rich. The pirates also found one of the bottles. They are already on their way to Portsmouth. Your locator shows that they are getting closer and they will reach Victoria Charlotte within 60 minutes.