The Western JOb

loot as much cash as you can before the sheriff arrives

Howdy partner! (in crime). You've been tasked with looting the bank for all you can. Your buddy on the inside, Jesse Roberts, has left you clues to break into the bank, open the vault and get out of there without leaving a trail. Be sure to grab as much money as you can, but whatever you do, make sure the sheriff don't catch ya! Think you have what it takes? 

Players Required
60 minutes
Recommended age
Escape rate
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Game Description

Gather your posse and prepare to ride into the sunset as you take on the roles of seasoned outlaws plotting to plunder the town's most secure bank. With the invaluable assistance of your inside man, Jesse Roberts, you'll follow a trail of cryptic clues and hidden secrets to infiltrate the bank, crack the vault, and make off with the loot - all while evading the relentless pursuit of the town sheriff.

But beware, partner, for the path to riches is fraught with peril! You'll need to rely on your sharp wits, keen instincts, and quick reflexes to outsmart the sheriff's deputies and ensure a clean getaway.

With the clock ticking and the tension mounting, every decision could mean the difference between freedom and a jail cell. Can you and your band of outlaws pull off "The Western Job" of a lifetime, secure the riches, and ride off into the sunset without a trace? The fate of your fortune lies in your hands - saddle up and prepare for the ultimate showdown in this high-stakes adventure!